Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bathing Baby

There are so many baby bath products out there...and so many have yucky additives that can dry your little one's skin. For my son, I ditched the bubble baths and soaps...and stuck to solely water on his sensitive skin {for those first few months}. I did use Cetaphil gentle cleanser on his hands and bottom/groin area...but stuck to warm water everywhere else. For those "first baths" - I found that disposable incontinence pads were SUPER helpful. Since you can't submerge them in the tub yet (due to belly button healing, etc.)...I would lay him on an incontinence pad and bathe him with a warm wash cloth {the pad can be thrown away after each use...and it keeps your counter dry and can make clean-up easy if he/she decides to "potty" during bathing}. **Another tip on those "first baths" - I would put a cap on my son's head after cleaning/drying his scalp assure that heat was not being lost during bath-time (warm baby = happy baby). 

My son has majorly sensitive skin + eczema and these are some of my favorite products to keep his skin calm and soft {plus a few other "must-haves" for bath-time}:

1) Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser: this liquid cleanser is SUPER gentle and fragrance free. It came highly recommended by our pediatrician and we have loved it so much more than some of the "baby washes" out there. {Sold in value packs at Costco}

2) Mustela Oil Bath: bubble bath seemed to dry out our son's eczema-prone skin but this Mustela oil bath gives the bath water a milky consistency and keeps our little one's skin super soft.

3) Mustela Moisturizing Cream: this stuff has done wonders for our son's eczema {its pricey... but a little goes a LONG way}.

4) Mustela Diaper Rash Cream: Mustela is also the brand of choice here...I am sort of obsessed with their products. 

5) California Baby Calendula Cream: this was the only product that got rid of our son's cradle cap. LOVE this stuff! 

6) Coconut Oil: love using coconut oil as a lotion, rash cream, etc. Its a cure-all and 100% natural. 

7) Infant-Toddler Tub: this  tub was a great value and worked really well for us. Our son also loved this inflatable tub when he started to get more wiggly but wasn't quite ready for the "big" tub yet. 

8) Toys: these Munchkin toys are awesome for chewing, squirting, etc. Love them. Also love these foam tub stickers and stacking cups (for inside and outside bath-time)... and the Boon toy storage container and Skip Hop spout cover are wonderful (and act as toys themselves). 

9) Wash Cloths: be sure to stock up on soft wash cloths! You will use LOTS! 

10) Cradle Cap Comb: I found this comb to work well and it is really easy to hold. 

I hope this helps! Are there any bath products that you can't live without? {splish splash}


  1. So cute! We love our stacking cups, Aunt Jess!

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