Sunday, January 20, 2013

Products to Battle Teething

I have found that when my little guy has teeth "breaking through" that he drools more, chews more, sleeps less, eats less, can run a little fever and has runny stool {sigh}. Poor little feller. Breaks my heart. Teething is a battle  and these are some of my favorite products to help you win {or create some peace} in that war:

 Banana Toothbrush: This thing is awesome! The rubber texture is soothing, the handles are perfect for little hands and the long shape is ideal for reaching molars when they start coming in.

Clove Oil products: My favorite clove oil-based teething products are Babyganics Teething Pods and Orajel Naturals Teething Gel. Clove oil {diluted} has been used forever by dentists to soothe sore gums. {Both aforementioned products are benzocaine-free}. Bonus: Put the Orajel Naturals ON the toothbrush for your little one! 

Munchkin Mesh Feeder: I love stuffing this thing with crushed ice or frozen fruit to help cool and soothe my little man's gums. 

Sophie: Yes, Sophie looks like a glorified dog toy. But this little French import is worth the $20! My son loves chewing on her - plus it easy to hold, easy to clean and is BPA-free & made with food-grade rubber.

Frozen Wash Cloths: One of the oldest teething tricks in the book! They work wonders to soothe those sore little gums! 

Hylands Teething Tablets: These tiny dissoluble tablets really work to soothe my son - they are homeopathic and drug-free {which is nice}. 

Any products you would recommend? Would love to hear your ideas! Hope this helps! A big hug to your little teethers! 


  1. Hyland's teething tablets are the best! They are also good to have around when those baby teeth come out and the adult teeth start coming in. My daughter uses them now at age 8!

    Awesome that you mentioned the frozen washcloth idea. Even if you don't have a cute little one shaped like grapes, you can take a plain ol' washcloth, wet it, squeeze it out, and freeze it and it works just fine. Believe it or not I have memories of munching on a washcloth to sooth my teething when I was a toddler! :)

    1. You can also freeze Baby Banana Brushes as they are made from medical grade silicone, and don't get brittle or too cold on little hands, yet provide teething relief. Banana Brush can also be sanitized on the BOTTOM (yes!) dishwasher rack or even boiled for 5 minutes to disinfect! The banana peel loop handles are perfect to lace a binkey strap thru and tether to the baby's shirt. These are a third the cost of Sophie! Best buy yet, and they meet all safety tests for BPA, lead, etc.

    2. Yes Laura - totally love the Hylands and good old washcloths! And Sandra - such a cool idea on freezing the banana brush! Going to try that tonight!

  2. I like the design that you have shown us in the image and we all know that when the baby teething starts it was hurts them and more saliva goes out from their mouth. It was really lovely element.


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