Monday, February 11, 2013

Because Guys Need Help...

Valentine Gift Ideas

I just thought I would make a quick "Last Minute Gift Guide" for all the well-intentioned slackers this Valentine's Day {I am not husband is in the same group}. I work in an office full of dudes...and I have learned how you operate - you buy last minute. As much as I would love to give you some overly thoughtful ideas {maybe that adorable custom pendant necklace on etsy}...we are out of time, folks. So here is a list of Valentine gift ideas that you can pick up on your way home from the office. Everything is budget friendly and probably near your home and/or office. Ladies - feel free to {subtly} drop hints by sharing this post along to your very own "Slacker Valentine." 

Nothing says Valentine's Day like a pink chemise + love birds. Plus this lovely little item is $4.00 {that is less than my latte}. Swing over to Kohl's and grab this little LC by Lauren Conrad  number. Note: you will find this item in the Intimate/Nightgown department. 

These little stud earrings are a perfect addition to the chemise {above} - also by LC by Lauren Conrad {$9.00}. The best thing about buying this little duo at Kohl's is that they have a wrapping paper department! Grab a pink bag + matching will probably need to stop at a drugstore on your way home for the Valentine's card. DO NOT FORGET A CARD. Note: you will find these in the jewelry department. 

This Gilligan & O'Malley  robe {$22.00} is so adorable and comfortable {and available in several colors...grey, turquoise, black and coral}. And your Valentine will love how thoughtful you were to set up a luxurious bubble bath for her. Fill the tub {with the bath fizz ready to go...see below} + light some candles + pour a glass of wine. Set her new robe next to the tub. Voila. A perfect Valentine bubble bath. Note: you will find this robe in the intimate/Nightgown department. 

These bath fizz "bombs" {$5.99} will make the perfect addition to your Valentine's special bath. All natural and delish smelling. Note: you will find these in the bath section - with all the bubble baths, body washes, etc. If they don't carry these bath bombs at your Target location - there are going to be other options...just PLEASE don't buy her a jug of Mr. Bubble. Thanks. ;) 

Grab her 5 stems of peonies wrapped in brown paper {$12.99}. This is so much more romantic than buying a pre-made bouquet {in my opinion}. You will look like you ran to a Farmer's Market in Paris and picked her some beautiful blooms. If peonies are not available - I would suggest another "fluffy" and romantic option. Maybe hydrangeas. You can also find some beautiful flowers + gourmet chocolates at Central Market, Trader Joes or Market Street. Note: you will find these in the floral section (thank you Captain Obvious). 

Get some gourmet chocolates/sweets to go with your flowers {above} - salted caramels are always a lovely option. One of my personal favorites {love their sweets + packaging} is Vosges caramel marshmallows {$27}. She may even let you try one ;) Note: you will find the gourmet chocolates in a few places - the baked goods section, the candy/chocolate section..and they probably have a special Valentine display for you to shop at. 

These Kendra Scott earrings are so beautiful and easy to wear (they are surprisingly light-weight) {$52}. Plus they have them in SO many different colors - yellow, blue, pink, black, etc. -pick a color to match her style! The great thing about buying these at Nordstrom is that they will gift wrap for free - with their lovely silver bow. Please don't forget to pick up a Valentine's card on your way home. Note: you will find these in the jewelry department. 

Nothing says Valentine's Day like jewelry and bubble baths. And this Philosophy bubble bath is divine {$16.99}. Bring this + your earrings (above) to the register to be wrapped. So easy. Note: this product is in the cosmetic/fragrance department. 

I hope this helps! Like I said {a few times} above - please don't forget a heart-felt Valentine's card.  Happy Valentine's Day to all you love birds out there!


  1. Great suggestions!

    Many women welcome gift cards, too - to a salon or spa they frequent for example. Just make sure guys, if you get one for them, make it clear that you will help them take the time for an hour (or few) of pampering so they can use the gift while you watch the kids or take over a task that would allow them to escape! :)

    Every gal likes to be treated to a nice dinner, too, and that doesn't always mean going out. If you don't regularly prepare dinner, now's your chance to treat your gal to a thoughtful meal that she would enjoy. And if you do want to take her out, selecting a day other than Valentine's Day might be the way to go. Restaurants are terribly crowded on V-Day and you can probably get better service on another night.

    Additionally, as well as a man's intentions may be, my suggestion is to stay away from lingerie or swimwear as a gift of choice. Anything requiring a body conscious fit is likely to induce stress instead of the reaction you want from your lady. Swimsuit and lingerie selection usually takes an average woman a few hours of trying on endless styles and sizes; and chances are that you finding a style that flatters and fits her by flying blind are like hitting the lottery.

    1. Thank you for the wonderful suggestions Laura! I love the idea of a home cooked meal! ;) Xo

  2. This is great! I've seen the Kendra Scott earrings and I want a pair in every color!

    1. Yes! I want those earrings in yellow! So cute! :)


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