Friday, February 1, 2013

Best Apps for Toddlers

I always thought I would be the mother that didn't let my kids play on the iPhone/iPad...until I became a mother {moral of the story: don't judge}. I have found that there are some super educational and fun apps out there for your toddler (my son is 17 months old). Apps can be extremely helpful {and welcome} distractions at restaurants, while making dinner, while showering, etc. These are a few of my favorites - note that I did not pick any apps with the ANNOYING pop-up advertisements...those drive me bonkers: 

This lovely little app is "tap/touch" friendly for curious toddlers and teaches your child different animal noises and names. Not complicated. No fluff. Sharp images and high quality. 

This is a brother/sister of the Peekaboo Barn app (above)...{there is an entire Peekaboo series of apps - all are lovely. These two just happen to be my personal faves}. I adore Charley Harper's illustrations and my son loves that the little forest animals flitter, jump & hop when he touches them. Interactive with crisp & beautiful images. 

Bright and clear Eric Carle illustrations {so lovely} + educational games that include animal sounds, animal homes, flashcards and more. My son loves to look at the colorful imagery while making the animal noises. Plus they now offer this app in six new languages for your future multi-linguist {se habla espanol?}. 

We love Dr. Suess in our this little interactive book is a no-brainer. You can click on the "auto play" option and the book will read aloud to your child (and flip the pages). The pages are super interactive and your child can click on words, letters and objects to be read aloud again. Fun for your little bookworm. 

This book is a classic - such clear/crisp images with a soothing narrator. This app is a great e-book for quiet time. Easy to use and follow for little ones too! 

Those are a few of my favorites - any apps you can't live without? 


  1. Peek A Boo Barn is my FAVORITE!!! Even when my daughter grew out of it, I kept it on my iPhone as pure sentiment. Now my son is using it and I'm just as thrilled with the original as the new versions. ❤

    1. That is so sweet Rachel! And I a agree that the Peek A Barn is my favorite app for my little guy!


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