Sunday, February 17, 2013

Gift Ideas: One Year

First Birthday Gift Ideas

I thought I would put together some wonderful gift ideas for a FIRST BIRTHDAY. These are all items that our son has loved and wanted to share!

Melissa & Doug Chomp & Clack
{$46.99} This little device is super sturdy and perfect for new walkers. Our son love to zip around the house with it - great on hard surfaces or carpet.

Robeez Fur Trim Booties
{$35.95} The all-leather soles are perfect for new walkers and are so comfy/cozy. They are available in all sorts of colors and designs (bears, bunnies, Elmo).

The Land of Nod Animal Flash Cards
{$12.99} Little ones can practice new words and animal noises with this precious little set from Land of Nod. PLUS the key ring helps to make sure that the cards are not thrown all over the house {huge added bonus}.

 Cloud b Twilight Constellation Turtle Night Light
{$28.00} This constellation turtle is the perfect little night light and makes a wonderful gift for all ages. Would highly recommend!

Jack Johnson: Curious George Sing-Alongs
{$9.99} Fun with a California-vibe. This CD will be enjoyed by little ones AND their parents.

 Tree Blocks
{$29.95}  Okay - I am a little bit of a hippie and I adore wooden toys. These blocks are BPA + paint free and are so cool! My son loves stacking these blocks and they are the perfect size for his little hands. Another favorite block collection (that are more budget friendly) are the B. Squeeze Soft Blocks {$10.19}.


  1. I LOVE you blog!! great advice especially this niece is turning 1 next month and, event though I have 2 littles, I'm totally stumped haha...NOT ANYMORE :-)!! thanks!

    1. Thank you Lisa!! You are so sweet :) Glad to help! Honestely, a one year old (boy or girl) would love any of these gifts! Xx

  2. The Cloud B turtle is an amazing gift for any child. When my daughter transitioned from a crib to a bed we could no longer use her Ocean Wonders Aquarium. There was nothing to hang it from. She loved how the turtle lit up the ceiling of her room with stars, the light was also comforting to her. And - this was PORTABLE so we could travel with it easily. She's 8 now and still goes to sleep with it at night.

    For parents that have this toy, I have one hint for you when it comes to changing the batteries - make sure that the fuzz from the turtle doesn't get inside the battery compartment accidentally when you screw the latch back on. That can interrupt the battery charge flow and you will wonder why it doesn't light back up when you just put fresh batteries in it. The excess fuzzy-wuzzies coming in contact with the terminals is usually the culprit.

    1. Yes - the night light is great from birth on up! :) Totally agree! And great tip on the battery charge! Thanks little momma! Xx


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