Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Toddler Summertime Faves

Toddler Summertime Faves

We live in Texas and it is {unbearably} HOT in the Summer! I just thought I would put together a little list of some of my favorite baby/toddler items to battle the heat. This San Diego girl is still trying to get used to these Texas Summers (yes, I am a HUGE wimp)...getting ready for the temperatures to rise!

Robeez Classic Fisherman Sandals (available in lots of colors): I have so much love for Robeez booties for new walkers - the all-leather soles are so wonderful. These little sandals are perfect for the Summer heat (providing some air flow) and stay on their feet so much better than flip flops.

Popsicle Molds: I love making popsicles for Braden - this is one of my favorite recipes that I found on Pinterest for Pina Colada pops: http://therealityofskinny.tumblr.com/foodrecipes. I also love the Mott's 100% juice freezer pops at Costco because they are made with primarily apple juice...so the juices are clear and don't stain faces/hands/clothes.

Swimways Baby Float with Canopy: This thing is awesome for playing with little ones in the pool...the canopy keeps them covered from the sun and little float keeps water from getting in their faces. Pretty cool little device!

Patagonia Baby Sun Hat (available in lots of colors): Sun hats are essential for summertime with little ones...and I have found that chin straps are a MUST at helping to "keep them put!" I also love the sun hats by iPlay - lots of fun patterns and include a chin strap too.

iPlay Swim Diaper: These diapers are awesome and so much more economical than disposable swim diapers. They have plain white....or lots of fun patterns too. They are machine washable and are super soft on your little one's skin. Would highly recommend!

Mustela Mineral Sunscreen: I love this sunscreen for my son's super sensitive skin. It does not sting his skin...it doesn't have any weird odors and it is super gentle. And my love affair with Mustela baby products continues....

Another product that I am loving for the Texas heat is this little portable cooling device for carseats and strollers - Cool on the Go Cooling Device. Any products that you love to battle the heat? Would love your input!

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