Saturday, June 22, 2013

Box + Crayons = Zen Activity for Two Year Old

Braden had one of his little {almost} two-year old melt-downs today and he really needed to just "chill out." None of my normal tricks worked for the cranky little booger. Then I plopped him in an empty box {thank you Amazon} with two crayons and some Jack Johnson Lullabies. Total zen moment {45 minutes worth}. Ahhhh! Relaxing for momma too!

Loving the Crayola washable large crayons...they wipe off walls, high-chair trays, etc. SO easily! Braden obviously loves them too! Going to re-name him "Braden and the Purple Crayon."

Friday, June 21, 2013

Setting Up The Nursery: Essentials

With baby #2 on the way {still no name for baby girl} - my "planner/Type A" self is already daydreaming about her nursery. Since this is not my "first rodeo" - I know what we actually NEED in her nursery {though the white chandelier I've been eyeing is obviously a "must" too}....hehe. Here is a list of suggested items for setting up a nursery:

1) Crib: I know, I know...pretty obvious!

2) Blackout Curtains: These are SO essential for nap-time, early bed times, daylight savings, etc. Get them! And don't skimp. As pretty as sheer ones are...they are basically useless (you want your little one to be able to sleep...TRUST me on this one). I have found the best value on blackout curtains to be on Amazon.

3) Chair: Get a chair, any chair. A rocker/glider is certainly nice but not necessary - just get something comfortable with arm rests. You will be nursing or bottle feeding your little one SO much in the first few months and you will want a comfortable and quiet place to sit in his/her nursery. I would also suggest an ottoman or footrest. This helps to make the long and constant nursing/feeding sessions SO much more comfortable to be able to "kick your feet up."

4) Soft Light: Get a nice/soft light to have next to your nursing/feeding chair and for late night check-ins. You don't want to have to put the bright/overhead light on every time you do a check-in or night feeding. I really have loved this little soft light from Ikea (love that its made of plastic for accidental falls). I also really love the Cloud B Twilight Turtle for night check-ins.

5) Soothing Music or Noise Machine: I have found this to be an absolute must. A couple good suggestions for sounds machines - love the Cloud B Gentle Giraffe and the Munckin Nursery Projector for white noise makers. My son also LOVES the Jewel Lullaby CD for some sweet/soft tunes.

6) Cool Mist Humidifier: This is definitely something you will need to help ease stuffy noses. Cool mist was recommended by my pediatrician to avoid burns from curious little ones. We really love the Crane humidifier - works great and has replacement filters to keep things clean.

7) Waterproof Covers: Get a waterproof cover for your crib mattress and changing pad. There will be accidents and me!

8) Spare Sheets and Changing Covers: Like I mentioned above...there will be leaks! Be sure to have an extra set of crib sheets and an extra changing pad cover.

9) Diaper Pail: This will help to keep the nursery smelling fresh if you are planning to use disposable diapers. And this is an absolute MUST if you have curious pups...they will eat diapers! Be sure to get a diaper pail/diaper genie that can be locked.

10) Changing Station: Along with some sort of changing table (though the floor/blanket will work JUST fine too) - you will want some sort of diaper caddy that has all your essentials. It is nice to have diapers, wipes, creams, etc in one clean/easy spot.

Hope this list help! Any other practical items that you felt were necessary for the nursery set-up!? Would love to hear from you! I will be sure to post pictures of the progress of our baby girl's nursery! Can hardly wait to set it up!

We Are Expecting A Girl!

We are SO stoked to announce that we are expecting a little baby GIRL in October! No name yet...stay tuned! We had so much fun doing a balloon gender reveal (thank you Pinterest for the idea)...just wish my hubby had followed my "orders" to get a PLAIN white box {not one with HUGE Orange Home Depot logos}...sigh. Oh well! Just wanted to share a few pictures from the big reveal over the weekend!

The moment we found out we were having a girl! Clearly, I am SO excited. Hubby looks a little nervous...haha.

We can hardly wait to be a family of FOUR! 

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