Thursday, April 17, 2014

Quinn's Pink Boho Nursery

Now that Quinn is making the transition into her own room (moving her from her bedside co-sleeper this month) - I thought I would share pictures of her nursery! {Photo Love: Katie Berry Photography}

{I melt.}

{Boho baby}

{Love the pillows my mom hand-made for her nursery} 

{Absolutely love this rocker}

{Big brother reading to his sister}

{Adore this daybed...great for story-time, nursing and makes a great spare bed for guests}

{My sunshine}

{"You are my Sunshine" was my favorite song to sing her in my belly}

{This mobile was given to us by one of my hubby's coworkers. Love}

{The other print says "Let Her Sleep, For When She Wakes She Will Move Mountains}

{This daybed is amazing because it has drawers for extra storage}

{Adore the giraffe decal}

{Love the gold...I bought mine unstuffed for SO much cheaper and filled with old clothes}

{Little Quinn on her rug}

{Love this picture of my Mighty Quinn}

Click links below to purchase items from nursery (most everything is from Amazon...because, frankly...I love that place):
Black-out Curtains
Sheepskin Pelt
Ventilated Bumpers
Giraffe Decal
Gold Pouf 
Animal Drawings were hand-made by my sister, Allie "Gato" Buck
Pillows were hand-made by my momma (she bought the pillow inserts at Crate & Barrel}

As a reminder, my "must-haves" for setting up a nursery are on an old post, click here.



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