Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Quiet Toddler Activity: Jellybeadz

I am always looking  for new QUIET toddler activities in my house {especially with Braden's new baby sister needing lots of attention}. And these Jelly Beadz did the trick! They are $7 (with free Amazon Prime shipping) and provide some nice, quiet entertainment. Great for sensory development + hand-eye coordination. Braden also loved practicing colors and numbers while playing too!

{Disclaimer: you have to soak them in water over-night before you can use}

1) Soak in water.

2) Add some fun accessories (water bottles, tubes, spoons, bowls, cups, etc).

3) Play!

**Note that these beads are the size of marbles and ARE NOT recommended for little ones that still put things in their mouths! And they definitely need to stay separate from curious younger siblings.

I had initially seen this idea on my sweet friend, Mindy's Munchkin Menu, Instagram account. Check out her blog! It has awesome REAL FOOD recipes for your tots!

Enjoy your quiet time!

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