Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ditching the binky...

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Let's be honest. I was terrified to take away the binky from my two year old. He is completely unreasonable (all toddlers are) and I selfishly was concerned it would affect his sleep {in turn, affecting MY sleep}. But my pediatrician and dentist had recommended that the binky be GONZO by three I knew I had to "grin and bear" it.

Here is the shocker - it was not as painful as I thought it would be! 

I thought I would share my process with you {note that our son was only using his binky for nap/bedtime - but he did sneak it in when sleepy, grumpy, etc. on other occasions}:

1) Buy "Goodbye Binky, The Binky Fairy Story" - I read this to our son nightly during our bedtime routine for a week. We talked about how "big boys don't need binkies"...and the idea seemed to finally STICK after 3-4 days. {one comment about this book is that it is geared towards a little boy...I am sure that there are plenty of similar books with a little girl as the main character if you find that more relatable}.

{Another great resource is this Sesame Street video "Bye Bye Binky"}

2) My husband and I would make comments over the course of the week to our son, like: "Wow, you are such a big feller - you don't even need a binky anymore." "Look at your baby sister - she is a baby and she uses a binky." Etc...

3) Our son is probably the most stubborn child, like ever. So, he never fully accepted the idea or leaving his binky for a binky fairy in exchange for a present. BUT this process did help to reinforce that BIG KIDS don't use binkies and being a BIG KID is cool.

4) After 5 days, we realized that he was never going to give up his binky to a binky fairy after plenty of pleading. So, I did the unthinkable. I chopped the tip off his binky with a pair of scissors. He hated the chopped up binky and refused to use it. Sort of tough love. But after some coaxing and reminders: "You are SO big - you don't even need this binky anyways." And a few tears (WAY less than I was expecting)..he slept through the night. And did it again...and again. Yes, really! You can do this.

5) After one week of binky-free days - we gave him a special gift (we got Braden this awesome roadster) from the Binky Fairy and made a big deal of the whole thing. He was pretty stoked.

6) He is now 9 days sober of the binky - no slip up's yet. :) 

Hope this helps! It worked wonders for us!

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