Monday, March 23, 2015

Candy-Free Easter Egg Stuffers (Toddler Friendly)

My toddlers love to search for eggs...but I hate all the sugar that comes along with egg I put together a little list of candy-free egg stuffers. I was able to fill over 100 eggs with this list - and spent under $30. Enjoy! 

1) Stickers - this roll of 100 stickers is $4.55 (with free Prime shipping) on Amazon. I love them for my 1-year old because she is learning all of her she will have fun making the animal sounds as she opens her eggs on Easter morning. 

2) Squishies - I don't know why...but both my littles are OBSESSED with "squishies" - these little sea creatures are adorable and come in their own individual packages. I found them on Amazon for $7.99 (with free Prime shipping) for a pack of 24. (**Kiddos under 3 will need adult supervision with these)

3) Play-Doh - because what little kid is not obsessed with Play-Doh? Love these little party favor sized Play-Doh's in an assortment of colors - they are $9.95 for a package of 15 on Amazon (with free Prime Shipping). Keep in mind that I did need to buy the larger sized eggs for the Play-doh...the standard eggs are a too small.

4) Finger Puppets - puppets are so fun for language development and imaginative play. I found some cute ones on Amazon (with free shipping) for $2.99 for a package of 10.  Ikea also has some adorable ones for $4.99 for a package of 10.

Wishing you {and your little chickadees} a very Happy Easter!

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