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Hello, my name is Jessie Stansberry (hence the "Berry Sweet Baby" reference). Welcome to my motherhood diary filled with mommy fashion advice, baby product loves & tips/tricks of the trade. I am a California girl happily married to my Texas boy {met at Rice University in Houston, TX}. I am blessed to be a mother of two (Braden - 3 years and Quinn - 1 year) that fill our days with wonder and laughter. I work full-time in the financial industry while juggling the craziness of motherhood. I am a lover of fashion, lattes and my stinky bulldog.   

Thank you for following! I hope that this blog is a safe place for other parents to share ideas and supportive advice. We all have our opinions about parenting {I have mine too}. Comments are encouraged and welcome - but please remember to be nice

Disclaimer: I am not paid to promote any products mentioned on this blog. I am NOT a medical professional - please remember to check with your doctor regarding any health or diet related advice given on this blog. 

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