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Meet my sweet friend, Katie Berry. This little momma is the amazing photographer that captures the "real mommy + mini" photos in the blog. She is also a contributer with practical photography tips & tricks to share. We feel so blessed to have her as part of the Berry Sweet Baby team!

About Katie:
I am a stay-at-home mom to Ellie and Weston, wife to my handsome Chris, and of course, professional photographer. When I'm not kissing boo-boos or chasing down the toddler who found the hidden Sharpie, I am chasing after clients with my Nikon, and loving every single minute! Whether it's goofing around with the toddlers and children or forcing a natural laugh out of a shy adult with terrible jokes, my goal is the same: find out what makes this person(s) unique, what makes them human, and what makes them beautiful. Spending the session with those goals in mind frees my brain from the technical side of photography so that I can focus on the emotional, creative side of photography that makes my job so addicting!
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